Men of Steel

A project with Corbin Shaw
Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

We have been taught that the 'real man' is strong and absent of emotion. Sheffield, also known as the Steel City, is home to Sheffield United F.C. Amongst it's football fans this 'real man' is an all too dominant standard.

This project aims to infiltrate the football ground and spread the message of mental health to the men who might need to hear it.

A scarf is warm, comforting and shows allegiance. In wearing this, the Blade fans show support and stand in solidarity with their team and each other.

Having grown up in Sheffield with the stereotypical Northern man, this subject is very dear to me. 'Men of Steel' is a collaboration with Corbin Shaw, an artist who is also from Sheffield.

© 2021. Hannah Carlile.
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