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Barclays’ Birds

It is estimated that one million birds lose their lives to the skyscrapers of London every year. This is a direct result of birds getting confused by reflections of the sky. Barclays headquarters in Canary Wharf is a 156m tall skyscraper with 32 floors. It’s colossal panes of glass are a large threat to birds.

Birds are able to see a wider spectrum of colours than the human eye, including ultraviolet light. ‘Barclays Birds’ is a proposal for Barclays to systematically apply UV decals of the Barclays logo onto their headquarters. The decals would be almost invisible to humans whilst drastically reducing bird-to-window strikes. Urban migratory birds are also greatly deterred by birds of prey, like an eagle, which so happens to be the Barclays logo. 

Barclays state they are ‘fully committed to minimising (their) operational environmental impact when and and wherever possible’. To prove this, we sent Barclays a letter, delivered by pigeon of course.

W/ Fran Parisi

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